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To infinity.. AND BEYOND! 0

To infinity.. AND BEYOND!

Hiiiii this is Jeff from Everyday Science Stuff, and have I got a deal for you! A low mileage lease on a high mileage car that’s also a truck but is also a bike, that’s...

The shiniest (living) thing! 0

The shiniest (living) thing!

I write a lot about science and physics, and tend to always take the Mythbuster’s approach on things – finding the biggest explosion, the fastest thing, or the coldest thing (coming soon!) – and today...

The Science of Santa Claus 0

The Science of Santa Claus

Every year I post this on my personal Facebook page, and share it with as many people as I can. Why am I such a bahhhumbug? Because people deem it necessary to have Christmas decorations...

The Lunar Mind F*** 0

The Lunar Mind F***

One thing that any astronomer loves is a nice dark and clear night. When the power goes out, it’s even better – less light pollution!