A breath of fresh air!

Last weeks post was all about how if Oxygen instantly disappeared (scroll down, or click here), but what if that device that Kahn/Luthor/Loki set off malfunctioned, and instantly doubled the oxygen on Earth?So, luckily for you, Iron Man or whoever came to save the day, and reversed the effects of the Oxygen Removal device, and now for the next 5 seconds, we have double the amount of Oxygen, what would happen? Don’t worry, it’s not just a reversal of what would’ve happened if the O went poof, rather, a lot of interesting things would occur.

Those people driving to work, all of a sudden their vehicles’ fuel efficiency would skyrocket up. Since Nitrogen is now less abundant in this Oxygen enriched environment, the hotter reaction of a combustion engine is now much more efficient. Unfortunately it’s not a noticeable change however, as it will only last 5 seconds, so let’s not think that you don’t need to fill up still. You will however all of a sudden feel like someone just stabbed you with a needle of Adrenalyn, because on your next inhale, you’ll get double the alertness (NO THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN TEXT WHILE DRIVING!!), double the physical performance (kudos to you if you’re biking to work or something..) and double the cognition if you’re for some reason taking an IQ test outside. You’ll also get really happy and you probably wont know why. Only for 5 seconds though.. dag nabbit..

Birds, and other non-human things get all the perks of this though. Spiders and other arachni will start to grow in size, but since this is only 5 seconds, it’s only on the cellular level, so a giant spider wont be crossing in front of your car. Birds will be able to fly higher, longer and faster (and paper airplanes too!), but again, only for 5 seconds.

Humans get the short end of the stick though. We’re likely to die a whole lot faster if this Oxygen were to stick around for longer. We’d be back to the times when the age of 30 was considered “senior citizen”.



Dang it, I’m almost 30!

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