Author: Jeff Wilton


Interview with 102.1 The Edge

Just got off the phone with Fearless Fred and Mel Mariani of 102.1 The Edge Morning show, where I spoke to them about SETI, The Pillars of Eternity Creation, and more!


The Pluto Story

Yep.. we’re jumping on the bandwagon and adding more to the Pluto pot today.. did you really expect anything less? Facts that we’re discovering, facts about the mission, and information all about what we’re doing...


The Physicis of The Flash

Fresh off of watching Mark Hamill’s portrayal of “The Trickster” on CW’s “The Flash” (that’s a lot of quotes), I had to wonder.. could he actually exist in todays world?


How Fat Are You?

Relax… no, you don’t need to put down that cheeseburger, and no, this post isn’t about how healthy you need to be. Everyday Science Stuff loves you regardless of how thin or huge you are....