Category: The Library

Where do you go when you want to learn about something and have a more than basic understanding of a specific subject? You go to the library!


The Trillion Dollar Question

Right.. so, Matt Damon has been a lot of different places. Sometimes, he’s in places that real humans haven’t been, or it’s just sci-fi. Here’s an updated list for how much money the Human race...


Interview with 102.1 The Edge

Just got off the phone with Fearless Fred and Mel Mariani of 102.1 The Edge Morning show, where I spoke to them about SETI, The Pillars of Eternity Creation, and more!


The Pluto Story

Yep.. we’re jumping on the bandwagon and adding more to the Pluto pot today.. did you really expect anything less? Facts that we’re discovering, facts about the mission, and information all about what we’re doing...