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Set course for Alderaan, Warp 9! 0

Set course for Alderaan, Warp 9!

Don’t go get your Earl Grey tea just yet Captain Picard.. or Captain Solo.. I don’t know, I’ve mixed the two up on purpose. Why you ask? Because it’s fun to piss off the nerds that read this, who then send me hate mail because I made a minor mistake in continuity. Let’s assume that we all currently live in the Star Trek universe, or Star Wars universe, or some sort of universe where faster than light travel is possible. Some day it might be in our universe, but for the time being, it isn’t, so we will need to rely on imagination.

To infinity.. AND BEYOND! 0

To infinity.. AND BEYOND!

Hiiiii this is Jeff from Everyday Science Stuff, and have I got a deal for you! A low mileage lease on a high mileage car that’s also a truck but is also a bike, that’s...

The shiniest (living) thing! 0

The shiniest (living) thing!

I write a lot about science and physics, and tend to always take the Mythbuster’s approach on things – finding the biggest explosion, the fastest thing, or the coldest thing (coming soon!) – and today...