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Figuring out the math behind absurd and complex questions!


How Fat Are You?

Relax… no, you don’t need to put down that cheeseburger, and no, this post isn’t about how healthy you need to be. Everyday Science Stuff loves you regardless of how thin or huge you are....



So I just bought Minecraft. This decision took me a few months to make, mostly because I was debating between not wanting to buy such a low resolution style game, but at the same time...


Growing old is a bitch..

Time to have fun with numbers and make everyone feel really old. This post won’t entirely be related to time alone though, so for those of you having a midlife crisis, relax and read on...


Everything is stronger than you

and I mean everything. The earthworm you saw this morning? He moves so much earth out of the way while burrowing that it makes your car look like it’s towing three dump trucks.. that are...