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So, there you are, sitting there, wondering what to ask. Perhaps you’re sitting there wondering if you should ask. Well, don’t be afraid, you’ll never know the answer to the question if you don’t ask! I make it my life goal to teach every person I meet something, even if it’s how to tie a tie (don’t ask me that..) or if it’s explaining what metallic Hydrogen is, my mind is an open book. If I don’t know the answer, rest assured that I will then go and find out about it and get back to you!


PLEASE NOTE: I do not tutor individuals 🙂


For public media related inquiries, including recorded or live interviews and/or to request my availability for keynote addresses and other conference activities, please contact me for more info.

If you’d like me to come speak to your class, your public or secondary school, or personal group, please note that most of the time I don’t charge for such events, other than travel expenses and any prearranged materials such as meteorites, spare parts from the International Space Station (yes I have a few!) or relics from historic space missions such as an official mission arm patch from NASA that flew into space!