Crash Course: Introduction to Astronomy

Phil Plait really is “the man” when it comes to explaining things. Of course, I’m pretty good myself, but then again, Neil deGrasse Tyson is overlooking us both and smiling. An introduction to Astronomy brought to you by PBS and Crash Course on YouTube.

It’s like Christmas in January around these parts. You just got back to the grind from stuffing your face over Christmas, and then you walk in to class and bam.. the TV on the cart dolly is there. It’s like, the teacher knew you were having a bad day and decided to give you a mulligan. Isn’t it swell? Well today, Phil Plait and Crash Course released a new video series called the Crash Course: Astronomy. Todays’ episode is the Introduction to Astronomy, and it’s absolutely fantastic. Let’s have a watch 🙂

Jeff Wilton

Jeff is the founder and owner of Everyday Science Stuff. ESS is a one man operation, with the core belief that all education should be served without crippling debt tuition, without revenue generating ads and without any restrictions of any kind such as paywalls, forced login and account creations, geographical restrictions, and so on.

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