Did we really spend +$2BN to draw a penis on Mars?

No, we did not.. NASA spent $124 million.. get your facts straight..Curiosity, also known as MSL, has not buddied up with Uranus as the go-to pun of the Astronomy world, rather it’s since deceased little brother, Spirit, is the one to blame for this uproar of immaturity.

So far, Curiosity has not published a picture of tire tracks resembling a set of boobs or anything worse, but NASA being the good guys (and gals) that they are, saw that the traffic heading towards there server and due to its popularity, they uploaded a higher resolution shot of it (the blacked out part is standard procedure for mission pictures, covering the robot itself).


Spirit and mission-twin brother Opportunity are the crew behind the famous penile shaped tire tracks currently making rounds on the internet and popular media sites such as reddit.com. However, a common misconception is that it was MSL / Curiosity that did this, when in fact it was way back in 2004 when Spirit landed did these tire tracks occur. The pictures were also published way back then too, only websites didn’t really care much to spread it around as popular and funny posts. See, what happened here is the straight (kind of curved?) path of Spirit was heading towards an outcropping of rocks to perform some experiments, when the engineers decided they needed to test some maneuverability of the rovers. This happens quite often, in fact the trails left by Curiosity are even more sporadic than what Spirit and Opportunity have left.

This is the last known picture of Spirit before it was classified as a dead robot when it became stuck in some soft soil, late 2010


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