Growing old is a bitch..

Time to have fun with numbers and make everyone feel really old. This post won’t entirely be related to time alone though, so for those of you having a midlife crisis, relax and read on 🙂


  • One million seconds is 11.57 days.
  • One billion seconds is 31.69 years.
  • One trillion seconds is 31,688.8 years.
  • One quadrillion seconds is older than humanity.
  • One quintillion seconds is older than The Universe.

DISTANCE – Speed constant at 100 kilometres an hour

  • It would take you 3,884 hours to drive to the Moon
  • It would take you 1,148,000,000 hours to drive to Mars
  • It would take you 47,630,000,000 hours to drive to Pluto
  • It would take you 3.988,000,000,000 hours to drive to Proxima Centauri
  • It would take you 58,550,000,000,000 hours to drive to Kepler-22b

STRENGTH – Numbers are rounded appropriately

Assume a hockey rink of infinite distance, constant at 50% relative humidity and 21 degrees Celsius

  • The fastest “Slap Shot” in NHL Hockey is clocked in at 175.1 km/h
  • That puck can travel a maximum distance of 805 metres before coming to a complete stop, on ice.
  • That puck would take 91 days to reach the Moon.
  • It would cause an impact crater only 1500 centimetres across and only 5 centimetres deep upon impact
  • Bonus Fact #1 Due to radiation hitting the moon and no atmosphere, the puck would turn white after roughly 2 years, if not covered by Moon dust
  • Bonus Fact #2 The puck would not decompose or disintegrate; ever

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