Ha! Puny Earthling..

Do you have any idea how insignificantly small you actually are, when compared with the entire universe? You’re so small and insignificant that anything you do just doesn’t matter. Now, that’s not meant to be demeaning and I’m sure you’re an awesome individual, but lets take a look at just how small you actually are.

So, we’ll need to average out a few things, just to keep the math simple..


Settle down spaz, I’ll do most of the math for you. The average global height of a human (combining both male and female) is 5 foot 6.5 inches, so if you’re a dude and taller then that, good for you. The average weight is 150lbs for a female, and 180lbs for a male. I’m not going to combine weights, as there’s substantial differences in physiology. There’s just under 7 billion people on this planet, and if you were to move every human together shoulder to shoulder, they would only take up about the area of the entire Greater Toronto Area.

This post is not about specifically you human, this is about Earth. Let’s figure out just how small this planet is, and compare it to other things like the other planets, the star we orbit and other objects in our neighborhood.

VY Canis Majoris is the largest star by radius currently known, at 1420 solar radii (with an error variance of 120) and if we were to replace Sol (our sun) with this bad boy, here’s what it’s general size would be. Even Jupiter would be gone!

Solar System with VY Canis Majoris

Here’s another look at just how big this jerk is..


I wonder how this thing would look if I were on another planet? The hypothetical “surface” of Saturn for instance?

Well, here you go sir or madam!

Canis Majoris from Saturn

The view from Uranus (hahahahahahaa)

Canis Majoris from Uranus

and Neptune

Canis Majoris from Neptune

Pluto (former best planet ever).. this is where Arnold took his helmet off when Ms. Frizzle took them there on the magic school bus.. and he survived with just a cold! A totally real science fact..

Canis Majoris from Pluto

and lastly, what it would look like from the current position of the Voyager 1 space craft

Canis Majoris from Voyager 1

I did not render these images. I found these images HERE.

Because static images tend to suck most of the time, here’s a flippin’ sweet video from Discovery Channel, with the dreamy Mike Rowe narrating just how small we actually are..


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