How Fat Are You?

Relax… no, you don’t need to put down that cheeseburger, and no, this post isn’t about how healthy you need to be. Everyday Science Stuff loves you regardless of how thin or huge you are. We love planets with mass higher than you could ever achieve, so it seems not nice to hate you because you’re 10 kilograms more than someone else 🙂

This post is all about figuring out how much you’d weigh (how fat you are! lol), if you were instantly transported off of Earth and put somewhere else in the Universe (but mostly the Solar System). I realize that the world uses multiple weight formats, so I’ve included both Kilograms and Pounds conversions, so every is/can be happy. Also, let’s ignore all other factors for life, such as being able to breath, and if there is in fact a “surface” to stand on. Don’t nit-pick my math.. just have fun 🙂

Enter Kilograms into the Green Box
Enter Pounds into the Red Box

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