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A new section going up at Everyday Science Stuff, because we’re ever evolving or something.. that’s what my nonexistent publicist tells me I should say.. So let’s say you’re not a Science major, or perhaps you studied a “Science” that isn’t really a real science (I’m looking at you Political Science Majors!!), however your out at the pub or something and the conversation switches from Kim Kardashian to Black Holes. Your poor noggin doesn’t know much about black holes, and hopefully you’ve not filled it with KK talk either; what are you going to do?

Take a quick gander at this lovely new section!

The plan is to do a weekly, one or two paragraph answer on something so you can at least have a basic understanding of something, so you can not be completely excluded from the conversation. Hold your own for the most part, and then when the subject switches back to Kim K, then you can keep moving forward (or backward.. depending on your views). If there’s a longer article on the same subject available in the library, I’ll be sure to link it so that if you have more time, you can get a better than normal understanding of the subject so next time, you’re Mr. Smarty-Pants, and not the silent “yeah.. uh huh.. that’s cool” guy.

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