Mars 3D Stereoscopic Images

I found these posted on a few different websites, but not surprisingly, they were all scattered about, most of which were cross posted, and many of which stated they were original material by the owner of the website. How could someone be the owner / creator of something that multiple others also claimed the same thing? Oh well, here are the best 3D stereoscopic GIFs from the surface of Mars! No 3D glasses required, but it is a pretty bandwidth heavy post, so be careful 56K readers! (really? You still have dial-up internet?!)

Jeff Wilton

Jeff is the founder and owner of Everyday Science Stuff. ESS is a one man operation, with the core belief that all education should be served without crippling debt tuition, without revenue generating ads and without any restrictions of any kind such as paywalls, forced login and account creations, geographical restrictions, and so on.

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  1. Geoff W says:

    They need to find a camera that doesn’t shake so much… 😉

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