Odds of finding a relationship in Toronto

I will refrain from posting my political views here, but I believe the picture above is a pretty clear representation as to where I stand. The current population as of the 2011 census is 6,054,191 – Source

Before we can even calculate ratios and what not, let’s assume that there’s a 50/50 mix evenly of male and female, exactly. You’re now one of the 432,442 people between ages 18-25 (calculate total population, divide by 2 for male/female number, divide by 7 to limit age range of 18-25). There is currently a 96:100 ratio of single men vs single women. I’m only going to factor in straight individuals between the ages of 18-25, and this is only for simplicities sake, not a discrimination amongst my LGBT readers (Source). From 25-30, the ratio of single women drops gradually, and after 30, it drops rapidly to almost non existent after 65, in favour of women (meaning after 65, you’re pretty much single forever if you’re a man).

Using that data above, we can determine the following, if we assume that it’s an even 50/50 ratio of men/women in Toronto. We also have to assume that 12.5% from each gender is LGBT, and therefore are not interested in you. That brings us down to 54,055 single men OR women. Now, we need to further limit this down by the following numbers:

  • Religious/Faith (pre-arranged marriages): 5%
  • Racial preference: 15% (we’re very culturally diverse up here..)
  • Physical preference: 15% (we’re also quite fat..)
  • Disabilities: 5% (need to factor this in, not everyone is physically/mentally capable of a relationship)

So, we need to remove at least 25% from the mark. The number jumps up to 40% removed if you’re picky about your partner (aka. you only date guys with a 6-pack, you self-centred jerk), but let’s cut that in half to just 35% since you only want to remove the fattest of fatties 😛

That leaves you with 132,435 viable options for you, based on you being an 18- 25 year old straight female or male in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Now, personal preferences for the girls you’re after is so wildly different that I can’t factor that in. If they (or you) only like people with short hair, blue eyes and makes $1,000,000+ a year, well, that guy/girl will be waiting for a long time, but also, that can’t be worked into this math. Remember that yes you may in fact run into or meet more than your 132,435, but each person you meet may not be one of those people in that number. It’s still a game of odds here.

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