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Yesterday, I went to the Auto Show, and met a few people both at the show, as well as on the subway ride home. I gave everyone one of my cards, and specifically to the two I met on the subway, I told them I’d post a few images to the site of our conversation topic(s). Shown below are the drastically different East/West Berlin differences that you can see from space, when the Berlin wall was up, and how it affected even the light bulb changes. As well, the differences between Mount Olympus Mons on Mars and Mount Everest on Earth, and why we are not even close to the biggest mountain range. Enjoy!

Chris Hadfield on the ISS for the Berlin picture, and the Mountain range one is on the image itself.



Shown in blue is Mount Everest, the foreground smaller mountain is Mount Etna, and the big behemoth in the background is Mount Olympus Mons on Mars. Sea level also shown.

Monte Olimpo



I have another post later this week with more content, so be patient. I’ll post it mid to late week this week. This is just to tide you over 🙂

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