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Feeling bloated? 0

Feeling bloated?

Ughh.. perhaps that bean burrito from the gas station wasn’t a good decision, when deciding what to eat for breakfast..

Celebration: 100 Facebook Likes :) 0

Celebration: 100 Facebook Likes :)

Because a lot of you crazy kids want to learn about stuff, apparently a lot of you shared stories and what not with friends, and the likes meter on Facebook steadily increased. We’ve hit 100...

Slowing down c 2

Slowing down c

No, that’s not a type-o, you CAN slow down the speed of light (which is denoted by the letter “C”, which is translated to English from Latin meaning “constant”). Wow, you learned something from the...

The Hardest Thing! 0

The Hardest Thing!

Let’s get all the sexual innuendos out of the way first. Next we’ll drop anyone on the list who thinks Diamonds are the hardest mineral in the world.. wait, what? That rock on your partners’...