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Pioneer is NOT slowing down! 0

Pioneer is NOT slowing down!

Quite the busy week for me this week, sorry for lack of posts.. but here’s a question that was sent to me from a fan who’s also studying in school to become an Astrophysicist.. Good...

The day the Earth stood still 2

The day the Earth stood still

I really have to stop with stealing article titles from TV Series, Musical Artists, and now Movies.. Please don’t sue me 20th Century Fox.


The Sound of Silence

First off: Please don’t sue me Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel or Columbia Records. So, in space, no one can hear you scream, right? Correct! Sort of..

Brighter than The Moon! 2

Brighter than The Moon!

I know I know.. two posts in less than 2 days is a lot to read, but this one is something I just discovered myself not even 10 minutes ago (relative to when I typed...