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The day the Earth stood still 2

The day the Earth stood still

I really have to stop with stealing article titles from TV Series, Musical Artists, and now Movies.. Please don’t sue me 20th Century Fox.


The Sound of Silence

First off: Please don’t sue me Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel or Columbia Records. So, in space, no one can hear you scream, right? Correct! Sort of..

Brighter than The Moon! 2

Brighter than The Moon!

I know I know.. two posts in less than 2 days is a lot to read, but this one is something I just discovered myself not even 10 minutes ago (relative to when I typed...

Rain rain.. go away.. 0

Rain rain.. go away..

Look up. Is it raining? No? Stop reading then, you’re already too late. Look up. Is it about to rain? Yes? Good! Keep reading.. you’re about to learn all about rain and forces and other...