The Physics of Superheroes!

Starting later today, I’ll be starting a new series and section to the library called “The Physics of Superheroes”. It won’t be entirely all physics, and will branch out to a few different areas of science, so rest easy my math-weak fans. I’m not bias – I’ll be covering all popular superheroes from Marvel, DC and everything in between (are there even other companies?). Things to take note: I’ll be focusing on movie series franchises first, ex. Batman, Avengers (and their individual character movies like Thor), and even announced and unreleased (ex. Deadpool) movies. Comic book only characters will come later, if requested 🙂


NOTE: The image I found on Google and Imgur. If you’re the owner of this image, and want credit listed here, I’m happy to do so but need to know who you are and proof of your work (such as a verified DeviantArt profile or dated post on Reddit, or something). If you want me to remove it, I’ll do that too, but don’t be a big meanie this close to Christmas please 🙂

Jeff Wilton

Jeff is the founder and owner of Everyday Science Stuff. ESS is a one man operation, with the core belief that all education should be served without crippling debt tuition, without revenue generating ads and without any restrictions of any kind such as paywalls, forced login and account creations, geographical restrictions, and so on.

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