Quick Science Facts! (Part 2)

Well, just like the last post, time to give a few quick facts about generalized science and other related things. Conversation starters, pick up lines, whatever you think you can accomplish with these, you have my permission to do so. However, if you decide to use these as a pickup line, have a friend film it and send to me, so I can both post it here, and laugh 🙂

  • It costs more to send a text message from Earth to someone else on Earth, than it does to send the same data packet from Mars to Earth.
  • The first digital camera was made by a Kodak engineer in 1975. The company dismissed the camera as they didn’t want to go digital, which lead to the companies downfall and bankruptcy in 2012.
  • Swearing can increase pain tolerance and reduce the fear of being in pain.
  • Richard Feynman taught himself calculus at 13 years of age.
  • To test the intelligence of beavers, Scientists hid a tape player playing a looping sound of running water in a field. The beavers found the tape recorder and began covering it up with sticks and mud.
  • Not only does acceleration cause time dialition via special relativity, the tail of a spaceship must accelerate more than the nose, and thus moves through time slower.
  • Leonard Nimoy only agreed to appear in “The Wrath of Khan” because he believed Spock’s death at the end would be final.
  • The first undersea Transatlantic communication cable was deployed in 1858
  • A man named Roger Boisjoly and his colleagues attempted to stop Challenger from lifting off into space knowing that a disaster would happen, but ultimately failed.
  • The processor in the mars rover cost over $200,000 yet it is almost identical to the processor used in the original iMac.
  • The Space Shuttle Constitution had it’s name changed to Enterprise following a letter-writing campaign by Star Trek fans.
  • Astronauts have a patch of velcro inside their helmet, so that they can scratch their nose.
  • In a survey of government employees, NASA scored either first or second place in four categories making it consistently one of the best agencies to work for.
  • the colloquial name for Alpha Centauri, “Rigel Kent” is an adaptation of an Arabic phrase meaning “the foot of the Centaur.”

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