Quick Science Facts!

I get a lot of e-mails. Not so many that my phones’ battery dies noticeably quicker than someone who gets a few e-mails a week, but enough to keep me on the device more than the average person. A lot of the times it’s people asking me science related questions, occasionally ones I’ve answered before, but I still answer each and every one of them 🙂

Here, I present to you, quick facts about science, physics, and many other related things – presented not as in depth as my normal articles.. would you really want to read all about farts? Don’t answer that..

  • The average healthy human blinks about 15 times a minute.
  • In North America, when gas prices go up by 10%, car accidents go down by ~2%
  • The average rain cloud weighs about 216,000 pounds.
  • Hipsters rejoice! You will forever live in the past. The time it takes for your brain to process the concept of “now” is longer then the time it takes for time to come into existence!
  • If you see a flash of light when sitting in a completely dark room, you’re seeing a photonic boom – the collision of light particles (photons) as they are slowed down from air speed to the speed they travel in the fluid of your eyes. Or your phone just received a text message.. go check on that..
  • After the first hour you spend in a confined space such as a class room or office, you’re breathing in about 2% of other peoples farts.
  • Speaking of farts – no ones fart can smell the same as another persons fart.. ever – it’s like a fingerprint.. for your butt!
  • Every time you fart, you lose about 0.001 grams of weight.
  • More humans have virtually died in the video game series Halo than actual humans have died in the entire history of humanity.
  • The loudest human burp is louder than a car horn at 109db.
  • The entire electron weight of the data known as “The Internet” is about 0.2 millionths of a single ounce. That’s every photo on Facebook, every video on YouTube, every e-mail ever sent/received.
  • The human that will live to be 150 years of age or older, has statistically been born already, in 2010.
  • Your eyeballs grow when your a kid, but at the average age of 13, they stop – and will remain that size for the rest of your life.
  • When you shuffle a deck of cards randomly, the order in which they end up has never existed on Earth before – and will never happen again before the Sun explodes.
  • Sitting down right now? No you’re not. Technically your butt is not touching the chair.. at least, on an atomic level – You’re actually hovering at an atomic distance away from the chair.
  • Even though nothing ever touches another thing, you can hold on to something due to the imperfections in your skin and the object you’re holding on to.
  • The only way for an object to touch another object, is to chemically bond it, such as chemically bonding one hydrogen atom to two oxygen atoms to form, water!

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