Space Dog!

I promise to provide a more in-depth article shortly.. but I saw this and wanted to post it to the Facebook group, but Facebook didn’t allow me to upload an animated GIF.. NOW IN GLORIOUS MP4 HIGH DEFINITION!

Please note: This dog is not actually in space. This was filmed on NASA’s Reduced Gravity Aircraft, aka. The Vomit Comet.

Here’s a video from NASA on it 🙂

7 thoughts on “Space Dog!”

  1. I wonder if they shot the dog in the vomit comet and then composited it into the space station background. he looks weightless, but that environment is not the vomit comet.

  2. @Alec It’s an advert for SoftBank, which is not a bank. They are Japan’s biggest mobile operator, just like Verizon. And also one of the biggest new tech investor, i.e. they are the early investor of Yahoo, Alibaba and just brought the chip design firm ARM.

    Josh is right, it’s shot on the NASA vomit comet then key on to the space station background.


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