Interview with 102.1 The Edge

Just got off the phone with Fearless Fred and Mel Mariani of 102.1 The Edge Morning show, where I spoke to them about SETI, The Pillars of Eternity Creation, and more!

First off, yes, I’m well aware of a few things that I buggered up on:

  • It’s The Pillars of Creation, not The Pillars of Eternity
  • They’re 7000+ light years away

Oh well, it was on the spot, I was slightly nervous, and I’m pretty sure I was correct about everything else 🙂

Interview with Fred & Mel of 102.1 The Edge, Toronto Canada

Jeff Wilton

Jeff is the founder and owner of Everyday Science Stuff. ESS is a one man operation, with the core belief that all education should be served without crippling debt tuition, without revenue generating ads and without any restrictions of any kind such as paywalls, forced login and account creations, geographical restrictions, and so on.

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