The Iron Man Reality Project

So, this post is a tease to start off. It’s going to have two videos to help soften the blow of a reading and research project down below.. deal with it 😛

First, watch these hilarious takes on why the Iron Man movie series by Marvel is both awesome but also horrible. I’m still a fan of Iron Man and Tony Stark, don’t get me wrong, but for a multimillion dollar company and movie franchise, they need to hire some better QA personnel.

OK.. fun-time’s over kiddo.. time to get your big boy pants on and learn something..

By the time Iron Man 3 hits the theaters, Tony Stark has constructed roughly 43 different variations of the Iron Man armor suit. Each one of those suits cost a pretty penny to make, but just how much would one suit cost, if it were built using today’s available technology and resources?

  • Helmet with Projected Holographic HUD – $54,100,000
  • Shoulder-mounted anti-personnel guns – $200,000 each (he has two of them)
  • Wrist-mounted anti-tank missile Launcher – $750,000 each (again, he has two of them)
  • Telepathic integrated neuro-bracelet with Armour suit homing device – $who the hell knows..
  • Palm mounted stabilization jets – $1,000,000 each (he has two of them)
  • Sole mounted jet packs – $1,900,000 each (surprise surprise, he has two of them)
  • Thigh-mounted flare deployment system – $500,000
  • Hip-Mounted battery packs – $1,000 each (two of them)
  • Gold-Titanium exoskeleton suit – $10,000,000
  • Arc reactor nuclear power source – $36,000,000 (!!!)
  • Self contained Mini-wing suit, shoulder mounted – $2,000,000
  • J.A.R.V.I.S. – $1,000,000

So, just the suit alone has us priced at an estimated $111,302,000. When you think of what that suit can do, it’s actually not that bad.. but as I’m sure no one here who has that kind of money under their pillow reads my site, it would be an unobtainable goal. Let’s keep going, shal we?

Tony’s home in Malibu on a custom man-made island – about $25,000,000 (not including the cost to build that island itself, which is probably another $25,000,000). The 7 suits he had ready to go in the first Avengers movie has a total estimated value of roughly $1.5 BILLION, USD. Pocket change for me. By Iron Man 3, he has roughly 42 suits (including those retired/destroyed) which is now sitting at roughly $7 Billion dollars.

When you think of all that technology, I think that I’d rather spend my $7 billion on those, because being Iron Man would be F’ing awesome!

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