The Trillion Dollar Question

If we really look into it, Matt Damon, in any of his acting roles, has been a lot of places, in a lot of different portrayed times. Almost every movie has some sort of “go rescue Matt’s character” scene. I saw a few years old posts about the costs and wanted to update it to 2021’s valuations, as best as possible.

Keep in mind that these values are estimates based on unfinished information, or is based on estimated due to science fiction.

(Adjusted for 2021)
Courage Under FireMatt’s character requires rescuing during a mission in the Gulf War.$509,870
Saving Private RyanThe US Army sends a team of soldiers to return Matt’s character home.$1,534,066
Titan AEA spaceship to evacuate Earth in the year 3028 somehow grabs Matt.$1 Trillion,
SyrianaMatt requires rescuing from the Middle East over some oil and politics funny business.$65,664
Green ZoneAnother Middle East rescue job, only it’s in 2003 this time, instead of 2005?$67,700
ElysiumDystopian future where Earth citizens are poor and rich people live on Halo.$500 Billion,
InterstellarEarth is dying so they sent Matt to a different planet far far away. He cray-cray.$10 Trillion,
The MartianMatt tripped over some Lego’s on Mars and was left behind. Call an Uber!$35 Billion,

So there we have it, just a few select movies where Matt was rescued in some way, and the valuation of how much it cost. Where applicable, all the values are 2021 adjusted for inflation, using Bank of Canada’s online Calculator, found here. Estimates for values of mission costs are based on as much fact as possible, using values for today’s’ associated costs, with a small 10% increase.

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